I don’t usually go to clubs, but when I do I go with The Black Dahlia Murder.

Went out to a club with The Black Dahlia Murder.

Best thing ever.

Lost phone with all my pictures on it.

Worst thing ever.

So. Trevor from the bdm remembers me and offered me guest list to tonights show. I keep having to remind myself this happened.

I’m really in the mood to go to a gig where all the acts have illegible band logos.



he retired this year. [article]

Glasses trends

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"i finally feel complete, I am now whole."

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its 2013 and people still see loki as misunderstood and sad

loki’s a dick

that’s his whole thing

he’s the norse god of mischief 

he’s basically the norse god of being an asshole

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This is probably the best thing in the history of mankind.

the ufuckng mass effect and prokemon ones omg

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